A complete analysis of your screenplay focusing on character, structure, climax, dialogue and meaning.  I will map out the structure of your story so you can see how it builds.  The analysis includes a one page breakdown of each of the main characters, a marked script with notes written on the page and three pages of analysis on problems with solutions.  You don’t just go to the doctor so he can tell you what you may already know (“My leg hurts doc.”)  You go to the doctor so you can get help and get better.  With my analysis of the script’s problem areas, I’ll go back further, diagnosing the reason for the problem and make suggestions on how to fix the problem.  Each analysis includes a one hour meeting (if you are in the Los Angeles area the meeting is in person if you are elsewhere, it’ll be over the phone.)

5-6 Pages and one hour meeting.

Download and print out this

Submission Release Form