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Why should you use a screenwriting consultant?  Every writer needs honest, constructive, supportive feedback on their writing that doesn’t come from Mom or a roommate.  Writers can also tend to work in their bat caves, and having someone help you with you as you work can take your screenplay to the next level.  Having a consultant can keep writers from the frustrations of working alone like discouragement, lack of productivity and an unfinished screenplay. 

Feedback will build your screenplay to make it stronger, a better read, more likely to be optioned or sold and ultimately made into a movie. 

Dr. Screenplay is a screenwriting consultant who offers expert analysis, valuable feedback, and solutions to help you tell the story you want to tell.  There are several different types of services offered to help you at different stages of writing your screenplay.  

Cure for writer’s block?

Dr. Screenplay!

Are you struggling to finish your screenplay?  Dr. Screenplay is here to help. 

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The Doctor
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Help finishing YOUR screenplay!

The goal of Dr. Screenplay is to help screenwriters finish and improve their scripts.  If you are a beginning writer, the doctor can guide you through the process to help you tell the story you always wanted to tell.  If you are an experienced screenwriter, you need constructive feedback to help your script go to the next level.