A one on one brainstorming and writing session

Improve your dialogue with subtext

Regular meetings with the doctor during the writing of your screenplay

A full analysis of your screenplay with solutions on how to fix problems

A list of the services offered by Dr. Screenplay.  click for more info. 

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Christian ScreenplaysChristian_Screenplays.html
Subtext RewriteSubtext_Rewrite.html
Script DoctoringScript_Doctoring.html
Development MeetingDevelopment_Meeting.html

A synopsis of your story and suggestions for improvements.

Want to make your screenplay fresh?    Research will make it original. 

Expert input on matching your script with the Bible or how to improve the writing of your Christian screenplay

The Doctor can do the rewrite of your screenplay. 

Got a question on your script?  Send me an email anytime for free!

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