Subtext Rewrite


Is your story structure working but your dialogue flat?  Subtext is what makes dialogue great.  You never want to write “on the nose,” meaning having a character say exactly what she means.  People in real life rarely do that.  When writing dialogue, have your characters imply what they mean.  Subtext also engages the audience more because it leaves something for them to figure out which involves them.  If your characters say what they mean, why not have them tell the audience what’s the point of the story, or why even write the script in the first place? 

If you don’t feel your dialogue has subtext or needs more, you can have  Dr. Screenplay rewrite the dialogue, keeping the intended meaning but adding subtext.  One of the added benefits of good subtext is the script being more engaging to readers including producers and actors.  The amount of rewriting varies contact for more info. 

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